The Problem: Fitness-conscious professionals with limited time need an efficient way to work out. Busy people can’t afford to do random strength training exercises- it's dangerous and inefficient. Those with personal trainers are told to log their work manually on paper. They write down their sets, repetitions, and weight lifted, below. Tedious! Archaic! Meanwhile their heart rate has begun to drop- inefficient!
The rest struggle blindly, lifting until they're in pain or give up. It's smarter to capitalize on tracking and logging technology to optimize time spent on strength training at the gym! But, how? My background as a fitness professional and training in UX design opened my eyes to the solution: a mobile app. 
"Pumped" Strength Training Tracker
The Scenarios
Both personas have one hour per day twice weekly at the gym for strength training. How make best use of the time?
Todd wants to increase strength by increasing weight lifted each workout. Shana wants to increase muscle endurance by adding repetitions each workout.
Main Use Case: First Workout, default settings used
Pumped will track machine used, muscle worked, weight lifted, number of sets of repetitions, and reps per set.
Instructions: Pick a machine, select muscle, set and enter plate weight.
Work! Smart Phone's motion sensor detects motion, adds one rep. Repeat until done!
To follow: a video demonstrating use,  a user flow diagram for the main use case, and an overview of screens:
This 17 second video below demonstrates a clickable wireframe sketch of the app. It is used to show the Main use case: track 1 set of 5 bicep curls at 10 pounds each.
 Main User flow​​​​​​​: tracking one set of reps
Overview of Screens in Adobe XD
* User Testing results
* Low-fi design iterations
* UI sketches
* High-fidelity prototype
* Design process summary
* Challenges encountered & overcome
* Lessons learned
* Business plan: pitch Pumped to gyms for integration into their current apps
Plans for additional work:
Additional versions of this design are scheduled for 
* Portrait layout mode (as seen worn above in photos) and 
* Wearables platforms such as Apple WatchOS & Fitbit Versa/ Ionic
Pumped is poised to fill a gaping hole in the workout regimen of thousands of gym-goers.

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