I delight in finding simple solutions to life's little obstacles.

"Wait, how many did I just do?"

PROBLEM: Keep track of laps.

Mentally chanting laps swum (unreliable) 
Ask a bystander to watch and count (unlikely)
Buy a waterproof fitness watch (expensive)
Jot number of laps down on paper with pencil after each lap (not waterproof)
Stack pebbles on a flip flop (have to bring a pile of pebbles)
3D print an abacus (overkill)

MY SOLUTION: An easy to use, inexpensive, waterproof device

Arrived at via experimentation and prototyping with found objects around the home.
Waterproof: Vinyl Measuring Tape and two stainless clips 
Inexpensive: Materials add up to fewer than $5
Easy to Use: Simply set one clip at the number representing how many laps you plan to do today. 
Set a second clip next to the first, then move it over one inch per lap, until you reach the end of the tape. 
Pop out of the water once per lap to move the clip over one increment. 
Repeat until you the clip reaches the end of the tape. 
No remembering necessary!
Informative: You know the two things you care about: the total laps you plan to do, and how many are left to do.


This is one of many ways I enjoy solving problems!

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