Capture contact info directly into contacts
 Seamlessly integrates with Camera and Contacts. Concept sketch in pencil on index cards for quick prototyping and user testing
Snap a picture of a business card- it goes right into contacts!

6 simple user steps: Tap to launch - Align business card - Snap image - Save - Confirm- Done!

Low Fidelity Mockup in Balsamiq
Design Rationale 
Looks familiar, actions minimized
Clean | Ease of use |  Clarity of purpose  |  Minimal distractions  |  Seamless integration | Compact
User Testing
Envisioned use:  portrait mode, one hand Unexpected behavior: 
Actual use: landscape mode, two hands, like banking app check deposit
Lesson learned: Add a landscape mode
 Adds value to business | Improves efficiency and productivity

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